I only book appointments  for tattoos that are at a minimum of $200
As of April 1st 2022, my rate is $180 an hour for large scale work. Because there is no real way to know how long certain tattoos take, I can only quote the cost of a tattoo within a range. The final price will not exceed the high end of the quote, so there are no expensive surprises.
I only charge for the work done in any given session.
For large scale work that will be done over multiple sessions, there is a 2 hour minimum per session, with the exception of it being the last session of course. If you have a budget, please let me know, and we can work accordingly
Wanna get more bang for your buck??
I can be booked for the entire day for $1000 which would be about 6-7 hours of tattooing in total. There will be time allotted for breaks, lunch, etc.
Cash is always preferred! Card transactions are subject to a 3% processing fee
Thanks, and I look forward to working with you!

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